This is my private project: a selfmade wordclock inspired by Biegert & Funk. The original QLOCKTWO ist a beautiful design object- I Love it! I wanted to build my own clock. The housing, design and code is developed by myself. My clock works with a arduino nano v3. On this website i have some information. Maybe this is an idea for your next project.
 Video on youtube (clock version 1)
 Video on youtube (clock version 2)

Features and characteristics:
- installed LEDs around the clock for ambilight or to show the seconds (version 1 u. 2)
- accessible USB port (version 1 u. 2)
- removable front panel (version 1 u. 2)
- digital brightness sensor (version 1 u. 2)
- built-in IR receiver to control on/off, to change the color etc. (version  1)
- ultra precise RTC (version 1 u. 2)
- DCF-77 module (version 1)
- bluetooth module (version 2)
- piezo buzzer (version 2)
- temperature sensor (version 2) 

I receive many questions how to make this clock.
Have a look at the link „wiki“ to build your own word-clock with a few steps.